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【Xmas2018】 Assorted hors d 'oeuvres, hot gratin, boiled beef stewed dishes, desserts & cafe all 6 items

【Xmas2018】 Assorted hors d 'oeuvres, hot gratin, boiled beef stewed dishes, desserts & cafe all 6 items

5000 Yen

Tax included - 12 / 23.24 only

  • 6items
  • 2-2persons
Reservation deadline
Until 23 o'clock the day before the store visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday Day, Holidays

We have a special Christmas course.We have about 70 stores in the world "Belgian Beer Cafe" our first store in Asia.It is located in Yodoyabashi, the center of Osaka, while in the middle of the city, it is in a warm atmosphere like Belgium.

Course menu

★ Period ★

2 days on December 23rd 24th

★ Hours of operation ★

17: 00 ~ final reservation reception is 20:30

(2 hours of seat use time)


【Barrel 2017 Menu Noel】

We will offer you in the share style ※

■ Attached soup stock

· Sho · Brussels's Ardennes style

Assorted Hors d'oeuvres

· Salmon marinade and vegetable terrine tailoring

... colorful Terrine wrapped in salmon salted with herbs and salmon one day

· Ardenne style putty

... rural country style putty finished with moist pork, levers and retinol with a moisture.The flavor of Juniper berries is Ardennes style

· Belgian specialty Shrimp cream croquette

... Belgian cuisine · Shrimp cream croquette.Please celebrate with compatible Gribbish sauce

· Baby leaf salad

· Homemade rye bread

■ Warm appetizer

· Hot salmon and hot chilled gratin

... Gravy of Andive, representative of Belgian winter.Bitter taste of Sikon and marriage of rich German steppen cheese

■ Mool & Fritz

· Mussel casserole steamed white wine boiled

· Belgian french fried potato with homemade mayonnaise

Main cuisine

· Braised beef stew with brown beer ~ Flemish style ~

... Local cuisine in the Flemish region of Belgium

Brown beer, plenty of onion, boiled thoroughly with bread

■ Dessert & Cafe

· Belgian chocolate gatao opera

... Chocolate cake originating from "Darooyoyo" near Paris · Opera.

I used plenty of Belgian chocolate.Ensemble of pistachio cream and cafe cream!

· Coffee or tea

2018/11/10 update