11/20 ~ Bonenkai · Winter party 【All you can drink Belgian beer】 Specialty cheese fondue "5,000 yen course"

11/20 ~ Bonenkai · Winter party 【All you can drink Belgian beer】 Specialty cheese fondue "5,000 yen course"

5000 Yen

500 yen OFF by reservation until 18:30! Also 30 minutes extra drinking by the party reservation implemented by 12/12 (seat 3H)

"120 minutes with all you can drink" I'd like to enjoy cooking as well as Belgian beer! For those who like this course is recommended.While enjoying the finest cup full of draft master, you can enjoy chef's special dishes such as winter specialty cheese fondue, mussels, brand pork grill etc! 【Early Benefits】 Early afternoon 18:30 500 yen OFF by reservation !! Additional 30 minutes extra drinking (seat 3H) with banquet reservation implemented by 12/12


● 6 types of appetizers to enjoy with beer

Sardine pickles and onion salad

Confucius' via frit

Minced meat and autumn eggplant gratin

Salami, 2 kinds of ham

German-made ham

German potato salad and Grissini

● Atsua Cheddar Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue that fits beer with spice effect

● Belgian Fritz

Belgian real french fries

● Steamed casserole

White wine steamed mussels

● meat cuisine

Three yuan pig shoulder loin grill grain mustard sauce


Additional options


★ + 1,500 yen / Belgian all-you-can-drink special beer including 12 species

※ Please do not hesitate to order other courses on the day.

※ FOOD course only orders are also accepted.

* Please contact the party plan or reservation after confirming the number of people change or cancellation by 2 days in advance.

※ If you have poor food ingredients, allergies etc, you can change the dish contents.Please contact us in advance.

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Party privilege for winter】 Party plan with 500 yen off with drinks in the entrance until 18:30

    • Presentation conditions
      When booking ※ Please be sure to tell when making a reservation
    • Conditions of use

      One with unlimited drinks plan / With no other tickets / services combined use / 1 pair 1 ticket / no lunch / can only be used with reservation privileges of 12/12

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of November 2017
  • 【Banquet reservation privilege implemented until Dec. 12】 All you can drink 30 minutes Extended gift (seats are relaxing 3 hours)!

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      From 11/20 ~ Starting party plan with drinks only until 12th December / Reservation only / Dinner time limited / Other service · Can not be used with other coupons / Can be used with privilege only until 18:30

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of November 2017