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◆ Midsummer Farewell Accommodation Plan 【All you can drink Belgian beer】 Colorful vegetables Bagna Cauda "5,000 yen course"

◆ Midsummer Farewell Accommodation Plan 【All you can drink Belgian beer】 Colorful vegetables Bagna Cauda "5,000 yen course"

By using a coupon5000 Yen

500 yen OFF by reservation until 18:30 !!

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All-you-can-drink available

Fried link 120 min (30 minutes before the last order)

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 17
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

"120 minute bubbles with all you can drink" We would like to enjoy the cuisine as well as Belgian beer! For those who like this course is recommended.While enjoying the finest cup full of draft masters, you can enjoy chefs' special cuisine such as colorful vegetables Bagna cauda, ​​mussels and brand pork grills! Up to 500 yen off using coupons !!

Course menu

● 6 types of appetizers to enjoy with beer

Pickled herring and carrot rape

Kiss Bialfrit

Omelette and rape flower omelette

Salami and Mortadella ham

German-made ham and rucola

German potato salad and Grissini

● Colorful vegetables Bagna cauda

Colored vegetables with special anchovy and sardine dip

● Belgian Fritz

Belgian real french fries

● Steaming casserole

White wine steamed mussels

● meat cuisine

Galician chestnut pork grill


Additional options


★ + Risotto at the end of using mussels soup at + 150 yen can be added

★ At + 500 yen you can change to Angus cow Misuzi grill and today's mini dessert

★ + 1,500 yen can be changed to all-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat Belgian beers including 12 varieties

※ Please do not hesitate to order other courses on the day.

※ FOOD course only orders are also accepted.

* Please contact the party plan or reservation after confirming the number of people change or cancellation by 2 days in advance.

※ If you have poor food ingredients, allergies etc, you can change the dish contents.Please contact us in advance.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Belgian beer
· Taruyu Belgian Beer (Primus)
· Bottle beer
· Heartland · Levenbroy
· Schwarz luxury sparkling wine as well · All you can drink · White wine · Red wine · Homemade sangria
· Sparkling of apples
Hard cider
· Whiskey High Bowl, Cork High Ball.Ginger high ball, bulldog high ball
Beer cocktails
· Shandyagaf · Cassisvia · Campalribia · Red Eye · Mint beer
· Gin tonic · Jim bag · Vodka tonic · Moscow comour · Bulldog · screw driver · rum coke · rum back · tequila tonic · tequila coke · fuzzy navel
Cassis Orange Cassis Grapefruit Spumoni Campari Soda Campari Orange Ditatonic Dita Orange Passoa Oren Baileys Milk Keel Kitty Splitzer
Wine Cocktail
· Keel · Kitty · Mimosa · Kiel Royale
Shochu & plum wine
· How to drink your favorite
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · Ice tea · Ice coffee · Orange · Grape lease · Pineapple · Cranberry · Cola · Ginger ale

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